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Wood powder DL2012

Urea formaldehyde resin obtained by condensation of urea and formaldehyde and wood powder treated by special process. It has suitable application period and curing speed, excellent bonding performance and service performance, and can be combined with curing agent for cold pressing and hot pressing.
Matrix: urea formaldehyde resin.
Appearance: yellowish or white free flowing powder
Fineness: 90%, 60, target quasi sieve, 80%, 80 target quasi sieve
The moisture is less than 1.5%
PH value: 7.8-8.5 (powder: water = 1:1)
Viscosity: 80-300cps/25 DEG C (powder: water = 1:1)
The bonding strength is not less than 1.2MPa

Free formaldehyde: 1.0-1.3%%

Modified curing agent: DL 2801
Appearance: pale yellow with coarse particles and free flowing powder
The moisture is less than 4%

1., suitable for thick wood veneer, fiber board, plywood and other thickening bonding, handicraft manufacturing, non structural laminated products;
2., for furniture assembly, wood panels, wooden doors manufacturing, coated with molds, foam materials.
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