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High efficiency mosaic adhesive 750(white glue)

This product is a two component adhesive. It adopts advanced technology in Japan and is synthesized by special production process. It has high curing speed, high bonding strength and good water resistance. It can be cured at room temperature, heating or high frequency. Chinas environmental labeling products certification and ISO14001 international environmental management system certification of "double green" environmental protection products.
Matrix: E VAE modified emulsion.
Appearance: milky white viscous liquid.
Viscosity: 14500 + 2500CPS (25 C).
Solid content: 49 + 2%.
PH value: 6 + 1
The compression shear strength (dry): 10Mpa

The minimum film forming temperature: less than or equal to 5 DEG C

Cross linking agent: isocyanate
Appearance: dark brown liquid

Viscosity: 200 + 50CPS (25 DEG C)

Solid content: 99%

Implementation standards:
LY/T 1601-2008, GB18583-2008
1., can be used for solid wood furniture, solid wood panels, integrated wood, wooden handicrafts and wood products, such as splicing, teeth, and so on;
2. can be used for table, chairs, doors, windows, stairs assembly, adhesion;
3., mainly used for solid wood flooring veneer, finger joint, assembly and so on.
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