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Flexible waterproof mortar 730

1.. Resist high hydrostatic pressure and have the waterproof function of negative water surface
2. can be constructed in humid areas
3. easy to operate, only on-site mixing can be used
4., good wear resistance, good adhesion, dry and solid, you can use a suitable tile glue, paste all kinds of veneer tiles
5. waterproof layer to prevent moisture, salt pollution, inhibit the growth of fungi
6., with waterproof coating, concrete can still maintain good ventilation
7. non-toxic and harmless, can be used in pools and fish ponds
8., suitable for long-term immersion occasions
Product ratio: liquid material: powder =1:4
Packing specifications: 5kg, 9kg, 18kg
Products comply with JC/T984 - 2011
1., indoor and outdoor cement concrete, brick walls, concrete blocks, prefabricated blocks and other building structures of cement mortar to wipe the bottom
2. floors, walls, floors, bathrooms, sinks, floors
3. basement, tunnel, mine, building foundation
4. rigid layer in roof waterproof system
5. pool, swimming pool, fish pond, sewage treatment tank, reservoir dam
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